[wiDget] jam Kaligrafi BLUE

{ Posted on 02.43.00 by oRiD™ }
This is Islamic Animation widget that preview calligraphy..

here the animation:

You can place this widget on BLOGSPOT and CYBERMQ by using this code:

if you want to place it in to corner of your blog (especially for BLOGSPOT user), You can copy the under code and paste in in your HTML file before </body> tag, here is the codes..
Top - Left

Top - Right

Bottom - Left

Bottom - Right

or you can use it on your blog in WORDPRESS:
just click this link to get the code

default dimension:
width: 200
Height: 200

Please change the width and height appropriate to your web/blog requirement

I hope you find this useful...

3 Response to "[wiDget] jam Kaligrafi BLUE"

klo utk d t4kan dlm profil facebook kira2 bsa g y?
terima kasih sblmnya

bermanfaat sekali....mksih ya

trimakasih banyak,...wassalam ^_^

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