[piCt] Kapal Sinar Kudus.. HIJACKED..

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since March 16th 2011, approximately 0730 UTC, it was reported to military authorities that a merchant vessel, the bulk cargo carrier, MV Sinar Kudus, had been hijacked by pirates in position 1421N 05925E, around 320nm East Northeast of Socotra Island, Yemen. The all Indonesian flagged and owned vessel, with a crew of 20 Indonesians, was able to get a report out stating that between 30 and 50 pirates had boarded the vessel.

I hope the goverment of Indonesia fast on movement to release Indonesians crew..


I really want to use this animation..

[wiDget] Mario Teguh's Quotes NoPict

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For you who have definite space to showing MT Quotes,
this is Mario Teguh's Quote for without Picture version..

feel free to use..

here is the animation:

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I hope you find this useful...

I really want to use this animation..

[piCt] Norman vs Khan

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in this post,
I only want to share this pict,
Norman vs Khan..

Briptu Norman vs Shakh Rukh Khan

it’s about Briptu Norman.. I like that guy..

I hope you find this useful...

I really want to use this animation..