[wiDget] Ramadhan BeRcahaya

{ Posted on 00.39.00 by oRiD™ }
in this Ramadhan, I made special widget with theme "Ramadhan Bercahaya", the idea coming from pak Oyi. Many thanks pak.. :)

let's optimize this Ramadhan,
hope we can be a real Muslim

here is the animation:

I also made it on screensaver version, you can download it here
as you see on that animation, in this screensaver, there is time and date indicator too.. ;-)

You can place this widget on BLOGSPOT, and CYBERMQ by using this code:

or you can use it on your blog in WORDPRESS, BLOGDETIK, MULTIPLY:
just click this link to get the code

default dimension:
width: 400
Height: 400

Please change the width and height appropriate to your web/blog requirement.

if you want to place it in to corner of your blog
(especially for BLOGSPOT user),
You can copy the under code and paste in in your HTML file

before </body> tag, here is the codes..

Top - Left

Top - Right

Bottom - Left

Bottom - Right

I hope you find this useful...

I really want to use this animation..