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{ Posted on 03.20.00 by oRiD™ }
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this animations show showing garfields moving around.
this widget is for you who like "I Follow You, You Follow Me"..

here is the animation:

You can place this widget on BLOGSPOT, BLOGDETIK, and CYBERMQ by using this code:

or you can use it on your blog in WORDPRESS, MULTIPLY:
just click this link to get the code

default dimension:
width: 300
Height: 200

Please change the width and height appropriate to your web/blog requirement.

if you want to place it in to corner of your blog
(especially for BLOGSPOT user),
You can copy the under code and paste in in your HTML file

before </body> tag, here is the codes..

Top - Left

Top - Right

Bottom - Left

Bottom - Right

I hope you find this useful...

15 Response to "[wiDget] Follow Garfields"

Very interesting blog love it makes my day.

i like this ya akhi..
tapi kenapa ga keluar ya di blog aq...?

sip banget..terus berkarya.

makasih banyak gan...
nambah ilmu

waah widget nya bagus2 mas..
boleh request ga??
ane mau dong ada widget max tuxedo bertopeng

kok udah saya tarok di html terus nggak ada perubahan apa apa ya mas....???

cara taro widget di blogspot gimana caranya

i like it.............

Terima kasih untuk satu posting lebih menyapa. Terus goyang.

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