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here is the animation:

You can place this widget on BLOGSPOT, and CYBERMQ by using this code:

or you can use it on your blog in WORDPRESS, BLOGDETIK, MULTIPLY:
just click this link to get the code

default dimension:
width: 400
Height: 320

Please change the width and height appropriate to your web/blog requirement.

if you want to place it in to corner of your blog
(especially for BLOGSPOT user),
You can copy the under code and paste in in your HTML file

before </body> tag, here is the codes..

Top - Left

Top - Right

Bottom - Left

Bottom - Right

I hope you find this useful...

2 Response to "[wiDget] CONDEMN ISRAHELL"

dear mr oridho,
firstly, i'm so sorry to say this, cause i've already copy your html widget to my meta html, in order to make my blog as well as your blog, but when i've already finished it, i've failed set your widget to my blog, even more i've follow your instructon to copy this scrib before < /body > , please show me more about setting this widget to my blog,

thank a lot for you sir,
sincerely ahid arrusmani

<ahid arrusmani

At first, I had the same problem with you, Ahid. But then I redid it again and again until I realized that I had to put a tick on 'expand widget templates' in order this script could work properly.

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