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For you who wants to tell the world that you care for Palestine, you can put this widget on the corner of your blog.

here is the animation:

code above is for widget on Left of your blog, if you wants to show it on Right of your blog, just change the name of swf file:

You can place this widget on BLOGSPOT, BLOGDETIK, and CYBERMQ by using this code:

or you can use it on your blog in WORDPRESS, MULTIPLY:
just click this link to get the code

default dimension:
width: 300
Height: 300

Please change the width and height appropriate to your web/blog requirement.

if you want to place it in to corner of your blog
(especially for BLOGSPOT user),
You can copy the under code and paste in in your HTML file

before </body> tag, here is the codes..

Top - Left

Top - Right

I hope you find this useful...

3 Response to "[wiDget corner] SavePALESTINE"

sae pisan,haturnuhun

salam ukhuwah sob izin pakai yah

ngring nyobi nya ang!
minimal simpen di blog lah, urg tiasa ngarojong

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